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503080 Red-footed booby eye close-up

503042 My wife lost her head....did you see it by any chance???

503072 Galapagos dove

503049 Red-footed booby

503038 Two pair of booby boots

503059 Flamingo

503053 Frigatebird pair

503061 Blue-footed booby

503073 Short-eared owl

503058 Blue heron

503041 Blue-footed boobies

503062 Blue-footed booby

503082 Red-footed booby´s red feet and.......

503063 .......Blue-footed booby´s blue feet

503065 See those feet...I can dance, baby

503075 Red-footed booby chick

503064 Juvenile frigate bird

503009 Brown pelican

503036 Nesting gannet and blowhole in the back

503074 I know all about inflation.....

Birds of Africa

Birds of Iceland

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