Galapagos birds
Ecuador '97
Amazon Ecuador '05
Brazil '94

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503095 The famous pinnacle of Bartholome

503060 View from the mast of the Angelique

503023 The colourful subspecies of marine iguana of Espanola

503004 Sally Lightfoot Crab

503043 Marine iguanas

503028 Happy family life of sea lions

503047 Marine iguana

503027 Playful sea lions enjoys the surf

503026 The beautiful Angelique, my home for a week (Kem Pery tours)

503040 Marine iguana

503024 Galapagos Land Iguana

503006 Sally Lightfoot Crab

503039 Claw of a Marine iguana

503032 Snoozing Sea lions

503025 Galapagos Land Iguana

503014 Giant Galapagos turtle

503035 Rare combination, wildlife-beach vacation

503056 View from the bowsprit of the Angelique

503092 Bizarre lava formations on Bartholome

503007 Sally Lightfoot Crab, male displaying for female

Galapagos birds
Ecuador '97
Amazon Ecuador '05
Brazil '94

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