Canary Islands - La Gomera

Gran Canaria


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0105023 View from the highest point on Gomera

0105053 Some people live in paradise

0105029 Splash

0105081 Banana plantations in Hermigua

0105215 Endemic succulent

0105189 San Sebastian and Tenerife's Teide volcano

0105111 Atlantic ocean viewpoint

0105004 When the sun breaks through a hole in the cloudcover

0105227 Sunset

0105015 Rocks and curves

0105179 Rough rocks in the waves

0105073 Full bloom

0105083 Sunlit and under clouds, Hermigua

0105079 Oasis-like Valle Gran Rey with bare mountains in its back

0105123 Laurasilva forest, Garajonay NP

0105143 riving into the misty side of the island

0105033 The beautiful mountains near Chejelipes

0105077 Wild flowers almost everywhereF

0105101 Bells of Ermita de Guaritimar

0105119 Above the clouds

Gran Canaria


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