Manu NP

Manu National Park is a UN biosphere reserve with the highest biodiversity in the world.
It is also a very beautiful place.


Amazon Ecuador

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404141 Giant otter with caught fish

404081 Cock of the rock displaying at dead leaf

404091 Ground stork and pink spoonbill

404128 Tern an skimmer

404107 Macaws at claylick

404126 Cayman

404116 Capibara

404118 Hoatsin

404110 Macaw at claylick

404124 Turtles

404151 Giant otter

404133 Cocha Salvador an oxbow lake

404080 Andean cock of the rock

404170 Giant Ceiba tree

404178 Cayman

404103 Flock of macaws

404175 Snout beetle

404180 Cayman

404183 Washed away by the water

404161 Butterflies at a mineral deposit

Amazon Ecuador

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