Slovenia (germany, austria, italy)

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1510096 Soca River, Slovenia

1510018 Inside Eisreisenwelt, Austria

1510010 Berchtesgaden, Hitler's getaway in the clouds, Germany

1510072 Lake of Bled, Slovenia

1510087 Waterfall, Slovenia

1510037 Skocjan Cave, Slovenia

1510023 Fire salamander, Slovenia

1510024 Lippizaner horses, Slovenia

1510025 Vipava, Slovenia

1510052 Village in Brda

1510008 Bavarian Alps, Germany

1510039 Formations in the Skocjan Cave, Slovenia

1510084 Beautiful walkways, Slovenia

1510058 Soca river, Slovenia

1510101 Sella Ronda Mountains peering through the clouds, Dolomites, Italy

1510071 Lake of Bled, Slovenia

1510091 Beautiful mountain roads, Slovenia

1510032 Church above the Skocjan Caves, Slovenia

1510016 Entrance to Eisreisenwelt Cave, Austria

1510012 Enjoying the view at Berchtesgaden, Germany

1510005 Königsee, Germany

1510063 Incredible blue river, Slovenia

1510105 Pordoi Pass, Dolomites, Italy

1510011 Alpine Chough, Berchtesgaden, Germany

1510073 Nice campsite at Bohinj Lake, Slovenia

Germany 1
Germany 2

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