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805162 The amazing shoebill stork, Bangwuelu wetlands

804016 Hippo in salad-bowl, South-Luangwa NP

805032 Sunset in Chembe Bird Sanctuary

804020 Very young giraffe, South-Luangwa NP

804032 African wild dog, South-Luangwa NP

804055 Mother lion with cubs, South-Luangwa NP

804066 An impressive encounter, Lower Zambesi NP

805552 Two hands full of chimps, Chimfunsi Chimp Orphanage

804503 Fishermen on the lake, Senga Bay

804004 Female puku, South-Luangwa NP

805026 Giant python, Lochinvar NP

804019 Full moon over the Luangwa river, South-Luangwa NP

805038 Little Dominique peeking from behind a tree, Chimfunsi Chimp Orphanage

805041 Sunrise on Kafue river

805141 Striped jackal, Bangwuelu wetlands

805144 Black lechwes, Bangwuelu wetlands

804552 Kerosine lamps on fishing canoe

805168 Shoebill stork, Bangwuelu wetlands

805585 Ozzy, the young vervet monkey, Chimfunsi Chimp Orphanage

804074 Elephant on river bank, Lower Zambesi NP


Zambia-Malawi 2
Zambia-Malawi 4

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